Inside The Studio

These are what get us up everyday, working to create the industry-defining game experiences we are known for.

Being Brave

Ideas. Big. Small. Creative. Risky. Revolutionary ideas. At Hangar 13, we explore them all. And we won’t settle for “that’ll do” ideas. We push ourselves to think further, to create, to innovate, so that the best ideas win. We’re encouraged to dig in, to solve problems, to think and to rethink. We’re given the freedom to own our work and lead the way. When we’re courageous, our ideas take us places others can only imagine.

Many Voices, One Story

We strive to make great, memorable games, and we’re doing it together. Whichever location you find yourself in, look around and you’ll see a diverse group of smart, talented, collaborative people of every level and on every project. We are one global studio—bringing together our unique perspectives and insights to create better, richer game experiences. At Hangar 13, you have the opportunity to travel to new places, to connect with like-minded peers, to expand your horizons — and to see that no matter how different we are, there are so many things that we all share.

Delighting and Disrupting

At Hangar 13, we have the best of both worlds: the fastmoving, creative mentality of a start-up backed by the stability and global impact of a major publisher. We’re empowered to take ownership, move ideas forward, and enact change. No matter where you are in Hangar 13, everything you do impacts your project, your team, the studio and—most importantly—the games we make. At Hangar 13, you play a role in building and defining fantastic games and the studio itself.

We Have Your Back

Trust. Respect. Autonomy. We’re given the respect and flexibility to do our best work while also finding time for the things that matter to us outside of the studio. Our leaders listen, engage, and understand; addressing concerns, offering support, and trusting us. They strive for transparency, and provide an open and honest culture where we can learn from our mistakes and always improve—together. We believe that making games should be fun, and we do everything we can to create an environment that fosters creativity, teamwork, and a lively culture.

Join Us To Create The Next Chapter